Bags of Style

Classic perfections for you.



Hi my name is Kevin and thanks for visiting Bags of Style. What we are trying to do is offer great looking fashion handbags at ultra competitive prices. The most important aspects to our handbags are of course 'style' and quality. We are continually looking for new products which we hope you and others will like. 

Customers tell us the bags look great and we welcome any feedback both positive and negative. That way we can listen to what the customer wants and hopefully expand our business, Bags of Style even more.

We currently trade at York Market each Tuesday , Saturday and Sunday. 

With one week's notice and a small deposit you can usually order any item for collection at the market too. Please feel free to ask for any colour not yet shown in your chosen item. We can always investigate the possibility!

So please browse and if you have any questions then please contact us or pop on down to York Market

Bye for now!